Tarot: Inspiration and Guidance

My passion for the Tarot cards started in my late teens. I did not see it as a divination method or a way to foresee the impending future. To me, it served as inspiration and guidance. It helped me focus on the problems that were distressing me and made it possible to discover a point of view that maybe I had overlooked. It remains the same up to this day.

When I do readings for others, I explain to them the same concept. They should not take the reading literally, but as a way to focus on the issue at hand and see potential outcomes tied to their own actions and behavior. This will allow you to make optimal choices in your life and give you the option to alter your destiny.

Reading the Tarot cards can be tricky, and the cards not always reveal what you expect to see… And more often than not, they are right on spot! When making a reading for a friend or someone you know well, you tend to approach the reading with a biase and when you do not get the cards that make sense to you, it throws you off! But then, you go along with the cards, explaining the meaning and thinking to yourself: “Ugh, this is totally wrong. I’m sure it has nothing to do with their question or concern…” and to your own amazement, the person responds in astonishment: “Wow! How did you know?!” Up to this day, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get that outcome (this shows you how much faith I have in my “powers”!).

Still, the readings I enjoy the most are those I do for unfamiliar persons. There is no preconceived notion of what the cards will uncover, thus, letting my imagination flow freely, and the story revealed through the cards makes the reading that much more accurate and precise.

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