Games for Children: Dance, Rhythm & Balloons!

These games are ideal for children 8 and up, all you need is upbeat music, balloons, and a room or outdoor space big enough for kids to freely dance.

Dance and pop: The kids pair up and each pick a balloon. The balloons are tied with a ribbon no longer than a yard to the children's left ankle. When the music starts playing the kids have to dance in pairs, and while dancing, they have to pop other couple's balloons. When a team has both balloons popped, they move out of the dance floor. Last team to keep one or both balloons intact wins the game!

Hot balloon: Children make a circle standing up and one of the children is handed a balloon. They have to pass the balloon while the music plays. When the music stops the player with the balloon has to step out of the circle. The last child in the circle gets to pop the balloon and wins the prize & fortune inside!

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