It's Opening Day!

Few things are as exciting to an entrepreneur than to see their dreams and hard work come to fruition. It's opening day, and all the hard work is about to pay off!

It all started like an impossible dream, a vague idea, a rough sketch on a piece of paper... but you've managed to see it trough! Most likely you've had to deal with remodeling nightmares, decoration chaos, coming up and selecting an array of menu options for your clients, and other imaginable problems and set-backs, which are all inevitable when putting together an idea from scratch.

Along the way, you must have thought over and over about opening day... So many things must come together and be perfect! The success of restaurants, bars, and pubs depends not only on a good menu and ambience, but in many cases, on the first impression that opening day gives to those original customers that will spread the word and become repeated clients.

How will you ensure that your BIG day is a complete success? In addition to a selective and exquisite menu, beautiful decor, and the perfect atmosphere, you must have a targeted marketing campaign, advertise the event in social media, and prepare a unique and unforgettable inauguration event. It is key that your first customers feel relaxed and delighted to be there, and that they leave your location thinking "this is an amazing restaurant!"

We can help you make opening day an exceptional experience for your clientele!

Our Fortune Balloons are perfect for any occasion, and your customers will be charmed with the novelty. Customers would be allow to pick from a selection of color balloons and after dinner or during drinks, they can pop'm and enjoy some laughs by discovering what the future may have in store for them!

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