Let's make those stale office parties more fun!

How many times have you attended office parties to celebrate someone’s birthday or to say goodbye to a colleague, and dreaded how repetitive and monotonous they are?

Picture this: The head of the department takes hold of the speaker and asks for a moment of attention while everyone is already going over the first drink. They start with the well known "I would like to say a few words in recognition of...." It continues with "….I have known her/him over the year...." (not always true, sometimes they hardly know the person), and then it goes on to the standard conclusion of "....it is sad that she/he has decided to move to another department.....we will miss him/her."

The director's words are then followed by those of your colleague thanking you all for the years together and whatever token he or she is receiving as departing gift. And everyone is relieved... when it is over!

Okay, I do not want to be too cynical here, although I am sure that this small passage has just brought back memories to some of you of at least one of these events, right?

Why not add to the party a taste of enchantment and innovation!? With our personalized fortune balloons everyone gets an exceptional and distinctive fortune that is revealed when the balloons are popped. You and your co-workers will be amazed by the quality and truth behind the fortunes!

It’s an ideal way to socialize among your peers and have a time-out of the typical wearisome office talk.

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