Make fun of the Leprechaun while swallyin at the pub on St. Patrick's day!

Going with the mates to celebrate St. Patrick's day? Not everyone is Irish or of Irish descent, but what the heck!, all of us like an excuse to celebrate with friends in the pub! Whether you are going to down the black or whatever is the juice you like, how about adding some fun with the following game from Fortune Balloons?

Each of your mates will have a green balloon, after all it is St Patricks day! Inside each balloon there will be a ribbon with a printed fortune and Irish related icon; each icon represents a dare or challenge to be carried out by the person who gets it.

Well, you get the idea. These are our suggestions, but feel free to chose other dares for each icon. Just make sure to do so before you are talkin like a wet wellyboot!

#StPatricksday #Irish #pub #balloons #Lepreachaun #Shamrock

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