What is Fortune Balloons?

So, how did Fortune Balloons come to be? As a fun idea I had for my 2014 New Year’s Eve party. Yes, it was that simple! I wanted something new and exciting for my friends and family.

But why the connection to the Tarot? Well, I’ve always been passionate about all things mystic. Even as a small child, my family thought of me as a “brujita” or little witch. I seemed to know things that had happened out of the blue, answered questions before I was even asked, and mentioned things that later on materialized. In my teens and early twenties, I was obsessed with the Tarot, astral projections, witchcraft (the “good” one), mind reading, and all sort of unexplained phenomena. I started to do Tarot readings for my friends and myself regularly. However, it wasn’t until I did readings for strangers, and they were astonished with the similitude of the results and what was going on in their lives, that I started to believe I had some sort of sensibility or empathy beyond what is considered normal. I’ve kept doing readings for myself and my close friends -and even my kid’s friends, now that they are older! But have kept that side of me as a hobby.

Back to the present! This past November, while planning the News Year’s eve party, I thought “wouldn’t it be fun to have balloons with a personalized fortune inside and, as people walk into the party, they pick a random balloon, write their name on it, and when the clock strikes twelve we pop the balloons and find our fortune?”

What a fantastic way to start the New Year! So I made a Tarot reading for each of the guests, printed it on a beautiful ribbon, and placed it inside the balloons. You can’t imagine what a success it was! My friends and family loved it, and we had a great laugh popping the balloons and reading the fortunes. Next year we will get together and compare how many fortunes did come true!

In future blogs I will share more fun ideas to bring Fortune Balloons into your celebrations and events, as well as, interesting insights into the mystical world of the Tarot. Stay tuned…

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